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Year One Update
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Year One Update

It’s been a year! Before unveiling the Resilient305 Strategy on May 30, 2019, Greater Miami + the Beaches (GM&B) formed the Progress Innovation Vision Of Tomorrow (PIVOT) team with The Miami Foundation and the Global Resilient Cities Network. Together the team monitors implementation of the plan’s 59 action Items and supports resilience initiatives across our community.

What have we done in a year?

In addition to our 24 action partners, we’ve expanded our network to include 29 municipalities that have signed the Mayor’s Pledge to support the Resilient305 Strategy! City managers and mayors of each of these cities were invited to attend our first annual Send Your Boss to Bootcamp (action 45) event sponsored by the Rockefeller and Miami Foundations. We also became the first community partner of the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center, helping everyone See It to Believe It (action 41).


While we celebrate our many shared achievements since the launch of the Resilient305 Strategy in 2019, much work lies ahead. Today’s challenges remind us that our greatest accomplishment is the shared strength and sense of purpose that moves us forward. Each team member in our growing matrix of partners plays a critical role in our ability to thrive now and for decades to come.

Pictured: Miami-Dade County mayors taking the Mayor’s Pledge during the Resilient 305 launch

The Impact on our Economy

Our unique partnership has attracted millions in additional funding through new collaborations and grants, inspiring major and dedicated investments in South Florida for resilience.

Action Item Highlights

Through our “Places” actions, we aim to address place-based challenges by enhancing our climate resilience through design and planning for the future; creating, connecting and improving mobility and housing options; and safeguarding our ecosystems.


Through our “People” actions, we aim to improve the lives of our residents everyday, whether sunny or stormy, by supporting job and wealth creation; addressing specific health needs for the most vulnerable among us; and preparing and empowering neighborhoods and networks to anticipate and respond to disruptions, both large and small.


Through our “Pathways” actions, we aim to build the connections, collaborations, and committed leadership needed to change the status quo enabling GM&B to become a global leader in resilience. We can achieve this by setting common goals and committing to actions that bring together governments, businesses, and academic and community organizations.